Project Management

Project management module allows users to track and manage all aspects of the project.

Complete Project Information

ImproveBuild RBS provides the ability to collect a lot of pertinent information on the project.

Proposal Generation

Generate impressive contract proposals automatically from predefined templates and proposal information.

Client Invoicing

Automatically generate client invoices from payment templates upon acceptance by client(s) of proposal contracts.

Client Payments

Accept and track client payments against all the project invoices.  The information include invoice amount, amount paid and balance for each invoice for a specific project.

Communications Tracking

Collect and track all communications with Clients and Vendors.  Outbound emails, faxes, text messages are automatically tracked and all incoming communications can be linked to the specific project or person.

Project Documents and Files

All documents and files related to the project for shared references by all users.

Track Permit Application and Status

Track all permit applications, inspection status and approval information.