Prospecting & Lead Management

Prospecting and Lead Management

Contact & Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management functionality

Project Management

ImproveBuild RBS provides the ability to collect and store all relevant information pertaining to each project.

  • Collect and store complete Project information in one place.
  • Create different types of project estimates and "what-if" scenarios.
  • Generate client proposals from cost estimates from user-configurable contract templates.
  • View all project resources (clients, vendors\subcontractors, staff) for each project in one place.  Drill down to detailed information on each entity.
  • Automatically generate client invoices and credit memos, as well as collect client payments.
  • Generate and track all vendor\subcontractor quotes, purchase orders, delivery receipts, bills, etc.
  • Collect, store and retrieve all project documents, files and communications.
  • Track and manage all types of permits.
  • Schedule and track all project activities and events on integrated event calendar.
  • Collect, store and retrieve unlimited project notes.

Cost Estimating

Cost Estimating ...

Activity Scheduling

Activity Scheduling ...

Project Scheduling

ImproveBuild RBS provides the ability to generate default project schedules and Gantt charts from accepted estimates.  Manual tasks can also be added to include any step that clients and staff members who would be participating at different stages of the project.

Communications, Documents & Files

Documents and Files Management ...

Warranty Management

Warranty Tracking and Management ...

Reporting & Statistics

Management Reporting and Statistics ...

Time & Expense Tracking

Time and Expense Management ...

3rd-Party Integration

ImproveBuild RBS provides seamless integration with various 3rd-party applications, thereby reducing error-prone double entry of the same information.


Intuit QuickBooks

Comprehensive bi-directional integration with Intuit QuickBooks, including Customer, Job, Invoices, Estimates, Payments, Budgets, Service Items, Time Record and all data required to complete the communications between the 2 applications.


Integration with Paypal to send invoices and receive payment s from this service.

Google Calendar

Integration with Google Calendar provides access to online activities scheduling without requiring a hosted application subscription.

Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and Project

Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and Project.
  • Outlook - Appointments and emails can be synchronized with ImproveBuild RBS
  • Word - Document templates are designed using Word templates (.dot) with the built-in template designer.
  • Excel - Lists in ImproveBuild RBS can be exported, viewed and edited in Excel.
  • Project - ImproveBuild Project schedules can be exported, viewed and edited in Microsoft Project.

Client Portal

Client Portal ...

Note: Requires web application  subscription.

Vendor Portal

Vendor Portal ...

Note: Requires web application subscription.

Staff Portal

Staff Portal ...

Note: Requires web application subscription.

Application-Wide Functionality

ImproveBuild RBS is fully customizable and include application-wide functionality which enhance the user experience.

  • All reference data (selectable choices in dropdown fields) can be customized to reflect the unique requirements of the client site.  Authorized user(s) can add, edit, inactivate or delete items.  Every action is recorded for audit purposes.
  • Users can group lists into different hierarchies by selecting and dragging the column(s) to the grouping header.
  • Users can export all lists in various output formats (Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV (Text), RTF\Word).
  • All document templates can be customized to reflect the site-specific needs of each site.  Merge fields/Bookmarks can be defined to indicate where the data/information will be merged into the document.